At first I cycled up the hill with all my force trying to impress the world. My athletic sweat was the only thing that showed the effort. My face was trying to do the opposite, to convince the unseen viewer that the ascent is effortless, easy even. Then I started noticing it. Who is the viewer? Am I in the movie? Sometimes, there aren't even people around. This is madness. I can convince myself that the unseen viewer is a good abstraction, a tool to force better action. Is that naive religion?

Then I cycled up the hill with all my force trying to impress myself. Clearly, this is the next level. Who cares about other entities, I need this for myself. I can become better, stronger, faster without external pressure. Is that true religion?

Later still, I cycled up the hill with all my force, yet with no motivation. I killed the uphill ego twice now. Clearly, this is the final level. “For you” and “for them” are different, but the problem is not the object of this anchoring, but the anchoring itself. Eliminate the “for”! I can struggle up the hill for nothing. Is that spirituality?

Finally, this morning I stopped cycling and walked up the hill. Two birds landed in the tree. The wind was warm. Is that okay?